Privacy Policy

The Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book (JAIRS) considers it a serious obligation to respect the privacy of persons who use our website (referred to as "You" or "Your") and to protect Your personal information.

Our website shall observe laws related to the protection of personal information, and takes the following position with regard to the treatment of personal information.

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
  2. When JAIRS collects Your personal information, the information shall be used for the purpose of replying or responding to inquiries or requests from You, or for the purpose indicated at the time of collection of personal information only. Your personal information shall not be used without permission, other than for authorized purposes.

  3. Disclosure to Third Parties
  4. Personal information provided by You shall not be disclosed to or provided for third parties, with the exception of the following cases.

    a) When disclosure to third parties is indicated at the time of collection of personal information.

    b) In case of an order by law, or if disclosure to a third party is permitted under the personal information protection law.

    c) When permission has been received from You.

  5. Disclosure, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
  6. When You wish to disclose, correct or delete personal information, JAIRS shall respond to such wishes within a reasonably acceptable degree. In such cases, You are requested to contact the website to which they have submitted personal information.

  7. Security
  8. JAIRS shall make every effort to manage and maintain personal information safely. Our website includes proper and reasonable security measures to protect against unauthorized access to personal information from the outside, as well as loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information. An officer in charge shall be assigned to the Department which handles personal information. JAIRS shall make every effort to manage personal information properly, shall establish Rules to Protect Personal Information together with Sub-Rules, and shall ensure that all employees have a thorough understanding of requisite matters.

  9. Collection of Identifiable or Unidentifiable Information
  10. Our website shall not collect information whereby You may be identified (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) without Your permission. However, our website may collect information whereby You cannot be identified. Examples of this type of information include records concerning pages of our website You accessed, or domains from which our website is accessed. Such information may be used for the improvement of our website.

  11. Cookies
  12. Our website uses cookies to provide useful services for You. Information whereby You may be identified is not included in cookies.

    You may decline to accept cookies, or display a warning when receiving cookies by changing settings on their browsers. The services of our website may become unavailable or the functions of our website may be limited if cookies are not accepted.

  13. Amendment
  14. This Private Policy may be amended from time to time. Therefore, You are encouraged to visit this page periodically.

  15. Scope
  16. The scope of application of this Privacy Policy is within our website. Our website includes links to other websites, but JAIRS shall not share personal information with these websites. JAIRS shall not be responsible for the collection of personal information on these websites. Therefore, You are encouraged to read the Privacy Policies of those websites.